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Tommy Atkins

TEMBO Technology Labs (Pty) Ltd.
Chief Development Officer
South Africa
With more than 45 years in the IT field and over 41 years dedicated to the IBM midrange platform (from S/3 to IBM i) and the RPG language, Tommy has seen the RPG language develop from an ugly duckling to the leading high volume commercial OLTP language it is today.

Tommy has always been at the forefront of using new technologies and features in RPG, striving for continuous improvement and better ways to deliver a required result. As such, he was a pioneer in the adoption of API’s on the platform in the early 1990’s, early adopter of ILE and one of a few global specialists in UIM, the native IBM i (and OS/400) character based interface. In his capacity as an UIM expert, he assisted Silverlake Technology Solutions, a Premier Partner in Development with the IBM Rochester Labs in 1993/4 to adopt UIM as their premier interface for their CATSe family of products in the clustering, partitioning and systems management space.

Tommy joined TEMBO in 2010 and pioneered the development of AO Foundation to deliver application modernization solutions and improve IT efficiencies on the IBM i platform, with a decided data centric focus and leveraging DB2 for i to its maximum.

As one of the ILE-RPG Developers group managers and moderators, Tommy is sharing his immense experience with this international group of developers committed to the language. He is a frequent speaker and author of articles and solutions since the introduction of the AS/400 platform.
TEMBO’s flagship product, Adsero Optima™ (AO) product was developed with this in mind and is considered unique in its field. It leverages core strengths which the company has in SQL (DB2) improvement, design recovery, BPI, business agility, Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), Software as a Service (SaaS), Mobility and Cloud Computing. The company’s RPG and DB2 skills are recognized worldwide.
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